This was a simple logo that I created for my friend Tim DaCosta, a photographer based in Grand Junction, Co. A great photographer and videographer, he’s responsible for taking astounding photographs and heart-warming videos. (Check out his website at

The Logo was a simple one, inspired by early to mid 1900’s logos. The font used needed to convey class, and formality, yet not overly formal so as to seem friendly and approachable.

Pictures courtesy of Tim DaCosta

Tim DaCosta Photography


I was given the responsibility to design the shirt for the 2013 Discipleship Training School in Chiang Rai. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a YWAM school. The Curriculum aims to get students closer and more intimate with God and practically apply all the knowledge they obtained from lectures in the mission field.

This Logo was created for Listen Up Media, the video production branch of Tim DaCosta Photography. With thousands of other videos on the internet, Listen Up Media strives to produce great quality content that is worth you attention.

You can see an example of his cool video making skills on his website.


Logo Design for a stock exchange firm. Inspired with rising stock symbols and shields. The idea behind this is to give a sense of security and increase for potential clients.


My first logo work for a client; who is a lawyer working in Perth, Australia. I was asked to update his logo as he wanted to modernize his business. The inspiration was taken from a hand with a seedling, a justice scale, and a seal. The significance of which means as follow: The hand with a seedling symbolizes gentleness, mercy, sympathy; The justice scale that is even suggests objectivity, upholding the law with integrity; and the seal is a guarantee of all these attibutes. There were 2 final logos that was delivered. One with the word ‘lawyer’ and one without. Many colour variations was also given based on the two.

Burgoyne Logo Design